Covid-19 Infographics / School Posters


In 2021, we produced a number of infographics on Covid-19 induced inequality, and the impacts of Covid-19 on debt in Zambia, one of the first countries to default on its debts due to the impact of Covid-19.

These infographics are available to be printed and used as posters in the classroom.

Below is an example, please click each link to access the PDF file of the infographic.

Vaccine Inequity

Vaccine Inequity 1

Vaccine Apartheid 3_V2

Vaccine inequity 2

Covid-19 and Inequality

Covid-19 and Inequality 1/3

Covid-19 and Inequality 2/3

Covid-19 and Inequality 3/3

Zambia and its combined debt and health crisis

Infographic 1

Infographic 2