Econo-wha Resources

Start where you are

Start Where You Are introduces the concept of ‘critical literacy’, which means that when we read the articles and videos suggested here, we consider the perspective of the person who wrote the article, and question whose experience or viewpoint may be excluded. We don’t have to agree with what we read or watch; we are encouraged to form our own opinions.

Econo-wha? brings a lot of different material together to aid the learning process. We are facilitating access to these resources as useful educational tools but do not endorse all the views contained within them. We invite you to challenge and question the material in a way that is useful for you. We invite you to always ask ‘Why?’

The course is structured as follows. Those written in bold are considered the 'core' lessons:

  1. Start where you are
    1. Asking why
  2. Understanding the world to change it
    1. Questioning economics
    2. Women, the environment and economics
    3. Migration and economics
    4. What is the market?
  3. A world in crisis
    1. The financial crisis
    2. Global debt slavery
    3. Tax: Who pays their fair share?
    4. Who has the power?
  4. Hope and alternatives
    1. The people respond