Part 3: A World in Crisis

A World in Crisis encourages us to use our critical thinking skills to examine the current crisis we are living in from a social justice perspective.

Econowha? brings a lot of different material together to aid the learning process. We are facilitating access to these resources as useful educational tools but do not endorse all the views contained within them. We invite you to challenge and question the material in a way that is useful for you. We invite you to always ask ‘Why?’

aThe Financial CrisisThis session explores the causes of the current financial crisis, from the subprime lending in the US to its relationship to the Global and Shadow banking systems.
bGlobal Debt SlaveryThis session examines debt, including the new trends in indebtedness resulting from the rise of private debt around the world.
cTax: Who pays their fair share?In this session we look at how companies can hide their corporate profits in tax havens, and what the consequences are in terms of a country’s ability to pay for health, education, welfare and infrastructure
dWho has the Power?This session examines the key international actors and institutions in the global economic crisis, their roles in responding to the crisis, and the nature of those responses.