'Plain English' Economics

The Project

Between January and May 2021, we piloted a project to produce 'plain English' resources that were requested by teachers involved in teaching global justice at a post-primary level. Feedback from teachers and educators was that they needed more jargon-free, accessible 'straight talking' current-affairs content for the classroom - and we listened!

This project has now been funded for a second year and five more 'Plain English Economics' resources on a variety of topics, such as the new tax rules, vulture funds, climate finance and more have been added below (June 2022). 

See below for our 'ready to use' Plain English Economics content. These handy teaching materials are now ready to be used in the classroom.

Plain English Economics 

LinkThemes ExploredType

IMF: How and Why the Bretton Woods Agreement Emerged 

Tax, Debt, Eonomics, IMF

Teacher/educator learning resource on the formation of the World Bank and IMF, Wall Street Crash and The Great Depression 

The Nixon Shock

Post-war growth, Inflation. Stagnation, Tax, Bretton Woods and Smithsonian Agreements 

Teacher/educator resources on Golden Age of Capitalism and The Nixon Shock

The Global Debt Crisis

Finance, Debt, Lending and Growth, Wall Street, Structural Adjustment Programmes, The Volcker Shock, IMF

Teacher/Educator resources on oil price hike and 'gassless Sundays' and stagflation; Wall Street lending

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Finance, Debt, Economics, 

Teacher/educator resource with True/False quiz and discussion and resource activities

Climate Finance: The Devil is in the Detail


Tax, Debt, Interest 
rates, Inequality

Teacher/educator learning resource with video, quiz and follow up activities
Reprogramming Tax Table QuizTax, HealthcareDistilled report

We need a green fiscal plan to beat the twin crises of climate and Covid

Climate Change,
European Policy
Accessed-up article from the Business Post
Interactive activity

Debt and Covid-19: The Case of Zambia

Debt, ColonialismCase study (Zambia default)

Debt and Covid-19: The Case of Zambia - Crossword

Debt, ColonialismCrossword

Profiting from the Pandemic: The How and Why of a People's Vaccine

Vaccine, Nationalism, Trade
Responsible business,
Intellectual property

Case study (TRIPS Waiver)
Definition Matching
Moving debate

Why does the UN chief think a debt crisis for the global south is on the way?

Debt, Economic growth
Interest rates
Accessed-up article from Financial Times

How the Pandemic is worsening Inequality


Inequality, Labour,

Accessed-up article in video format from Financial Times

What is the proposal for a Global Minimum Tax Rate? And why is it important for Global Justice?

TaxDistilled articles and activities throughout (worksheet)
Reflective questions

Global austerity alert! 'Looming public budget cuts' after covid-19, and alternative pathways.


Austerity, InequalityDistilled working paper and essay from the Third World Network


Please email campaign@financialjustice.ie with any feedback on any of the resources.