Part 2: Understanding the World to Change it

Understanding the World to Change It encourages us to examine our life experiences and relate them to the economic world that we live in. We question economics and invite you to consider it as a topic not just for experts and professionals, but for everyone. We take a look at viewpoints and voices that are often forgotten in today’s economic situation.

aQuestioning EconomicsIn this session we explore some of the assumptions underlying economics and how they may relate to our own beliefs on social justice and inequality.
bWomen, the Environment and EconomicsThis session examines the importance of feminist and ecological perspectives and how they apply to economic justice issues.
cMigration and EconomicsIn this session we explore the current mass movement of refugees to Europe to examine what migration is, what influences it, and what myths have been challenged.
dWhat is the Market?In this session we look at the development of the global market as we understand it today and ask, who does ‘it’ serve, and should we have confidence in it?