Plain-English Economics

In 2020/2021, we piloted a project to produce 'plain English' resources requested by teachers involved in teaching global justice at the post-primary level.

These resources are not just helpful for teachers - many adults would also benefit from them as dense, jargony articles are 'accessed-up', clarified and distilled.

We know that a lot of content out there can be long, dense and unsuited to the classroom - despite the information being interesting and relevant to many parts to the curriculum! We know that global justice educators want to use this information in their teaching, but are prevented from doing so because to translate dense reports into usable classroom-content would take far too long, and understandably because they perhaps feel that they don't have the know-how to translate the jargon.

That's where we come in. We have received feedback from teachers that having a bank of 'plain English' resources based on that more dense content would be beneficial to their teaching practice, so we have been doing some of the translating for you!

Search our handy 'resource finder' for our Plain English Economics content to date. These are all ready to be used in the classroom - by you!