Citizens for Financial Justice

Financial Justice Ireland was a member of the pan-European Citizens for Financial Justice campaign, a diverse group of European partners – from local grassroots groups to large international organisations - who together aim to inform and connect citizens to act together to make the global financial system work better for everyone.

We are funded by the European Union and aim to support the implementation of the Sustainable development Goals (sDGs) by mobilising EU citizens to support effective financing for development (FfD).

The Citizens for Financial Justice project aims to inform and connect citizens to act together to make the global finance system work better for everybody.

We need a financial system that works for all and is democratically controlled to achieve this, we need to give greater power to the people.

That’s why we educate, campaign and raise awareness of development finance issues. We work with our partners across Europe to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by mobilising EU citizens to support effective financing for development (FfD). 

For further information, visit the Citizens' for Financial Justice website. 

In Ireland, Financial Justice Ireland supports four partners to integrate financial justice themes into their work;

8020, Educating and Acting for a Better World

8020, Educating and Acting for a Better World, is a development education organisation promoting popular education on human development and human rights, with our roots and mandate located in that sector for more than 20 years. For 80:20, education is fundamental to understanding the shape and nature of our unequal world, to interacting with it as well as imagining and shaping a different world.

Trademark Belfast

Established in 2001, Trademark is a trade union-based organisation dedicated to tackling prejudice, discrimination and inequality through training, research, community and workplace interventions, and the establishment of cooperative enterprises in socially deprived areas. Guided by the twin objectives of progressive societal change and making connections between local issues and global, systemic events and processes, we have gradually expanded our programmes to address the lack of knowledge and tools to analyse issues around political economy, namely globalisation, trade, financialisation, fiscal and monetary policy, development, alternative development and sustainability.

Galway One World Centre

Galway One World Centre’s (GOWC) goals are to design and deliver training on a range of development and justice issues, addressing structural causes of poverty, human rights, and anti-racism perspectives.

GOWC has been very active in the field of development and justice education for many years, designing and delivering trainings on local and global justice issues to groups including trainee teachers, students, community groups, and members of the public.

Friends of the Earth Ireland

Friends of the Earth Ireland is an environmental campaigning NGO working to shift the balance of Irish policy and practice in favour of environmental justice and sustainability at home and internationally. Part of an international federation of 75 member groups, most of which are based in the Global South, we campaign for solutions to environmental problems that make life better for people, with a main goal of advancing public education concerning environmental sustainability and sustainable development for the purpose of advancing the natural environment for its own sake and the sake of present and future generations, in particular people living in poverty in the Global South, who depend so directly on nature’s resources for their lives and livelihoods.

We promote public understanding and appreciation of environmental issues facing Ireland and the world, research and analyse environmental issues with a view to informing public debate on the search for sustainable solutions, and provide information and opportunities for people to take action to further environmental sustainability.