Illegitimate Debt (2011/2012)

10 August 2021

Publication cover - illegitimate_debt
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The theme of Debt and Development Coalition Ireland’s work for 2008-2011 was ‘Mobilising Against Unjust South-North Resource Flows’. This means that we want to challenge unjust transfers of wealth from the South to the North. Unjust transfers of wealth from the South to the North happen in many different ways, for example, through unfair debt repayments, corporations not paying enough taxes on the profits they make in Southern countries, or through damaging economic policies being promoted by rich governments and institutions in Southern countries. This resource is the first issue of a series of educational resources that Debt and Development Coalition Ireland will produce on this theme. We see debt repayments as one aspect of wealth transfers that are denying badly needed resources to countries of the Global South. This resource sets out a series of simple activities that aim to support development education in this area. We hope that you will enjoy using the resource. Please do give us feedback on your experience of using it.