'Plain English Economics' Resources on Debt Justice for Post-Primary Teachers

25 October 2023


Check out our 'Plain English Economics' resources that are printable and fully downloadable, and ready for you to teach!

The Plain English resource project was funded by Worldwise Global Schools and has enabled us to put together some of the key teaching materials that cover a range of critical issues aimed at deepening pupil knowledge in financial and debt justice, and climate justice.

While two of the five resources can be taught in isolation (Climate Finance and GDP), the following resources form part of the 'Economic History Series' and should be worked as a collective, and in the following order.

  1. Bretton Woods Agreement/IMF
  2. The Nixon Shock
  3. The Global Debt Crisis

All of these resources are linked to various elements of the curriculum and fit with a range of Post-primary topics. You can access the resources here.

Thank you to WorldWise Global Schools for their investment in helping us to produce and deliver these development education teaching resources.