Latest 'Econo-wha?' Resources: A Free Online Learning Tool for Adults Complete with User Guide

15 June 2022


We're delighted to say that we've updated our Econo-wha? resources to provide you with a blend of learning materials - through features, articles and a selection of handpicked videos - that will help you understand and critically assess what's happening in the world when it comes to debt and climate justice and equality.

We each have the power to think critically and influence the decisions of our governments - and the economic system we live in directly influences all of our lives, making us experts and authors because of our first-hand experiences.

Through Econo-wha? we aim to uncover different perspectives on the causes and consequences of the global financial crisis, and think about economics in a way that puts justice for people and the planet first.

Econo-wha? aims to connect the experiences of people living in Ireland and Europe with people all over the world, putting active voices of communities in struggle and social movement participants to the fore.

Econo-wha? is a free online reading and learning tool for adult learners. It's comprised of 10 sessions, with things to read and watch. 

  • Each session has suggested discussion questions to get your discussion started and keywords to look up in the glossary, as well as proposed learning outcomes.
  • guest blogger, who has already looked at the resources and responded with an original piece to some of the guide questions, is also featured in each of the 10 sessions.

And  a simple 'How to Use' guide will help you to faciliatate this, whether as a group or for independent study. 

Start your learning with Econo-wha? today and get ready to ask the all-important question: Why?

Econo-Wha? resources