A New Point of View! LCA Maths resource workshop

13 February 2024

Copy of LCA Maths resource doc FB


Join Hilary from Financial Justice Ireland online 4.30-6pm on Wednesday March 13th for a participatory and fun workshop of our LCA Maths resource. 

In this resource unique to Financial Justice Ireland, ‘A New Point of View’  LCA Maths students help to turn real-life problems into mathematical models, using mathematics to investigate problems, analyse data, draw conclusions and communicate reasoned judgment – all of which helps to draw meaningful context that can be applied to the everyday world. 

This LCA teaching resource workshop that explores our booklet is structured around the four modules shown below and supports transdisciplinary learning through a series of practical and theoretical assignments:

Module 1 Mathematics and Planning

Module 2 Mathematics and the World around me

Module 3 Mathematics and Life skills

Module 4 Mathematics and Work

Key learning outcomes include Researching and Planning, Budgeting, Current Affairs, and Mathematical Skills and Concepts (plus more) all of which are explored in this comprehensive teacher resource booklet.

Our free online teaching workshop offers a great opportunity to generate additional CPD points before the end of the academic term with certificates issued to all who have attended

See you there!

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