'New Perspectives' - LCA Social Education Teacher Guide

20 September 2021

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This resource was conceptualised by Éilis Ryan who carried out preliminary stakeholder engagement to assess the LCA landscape and where a resource such as this might best be placed. It was written by Meaghan Carmody. Much of it is inspired by our ‘How the World Works’ resource, created on foot of much stakeholder engagement in the post-primary sector. Thanks as always to WorldWise Global Schools who have provided consistent support to bring this resource to fruition. We would also like to thank Pauline Keogh and Janine Brennan who piloted the resource and gave excellent feedback, as well as Valerie Lewis and Rachell McEntee who provided feedback along the way.

We would also like to thank Teresa Cushen, and Natalie Tighe who provided their thoughts at the early stages of resource development.

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