Accounting for Justice (2013)

05 September 2013

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This resource provides a guide to facilitators to support learning about:

  • The role of taxation in society
  • The relationships between Northern and Southern governments, multi-national companies, and citizens on taxation. 

The resource is aimed at informal adult learners and can be used to deliver a series of learning units on tax justice (up to 4 hours) or for shorter sessions (minimum 1 hour). For in-depth learning (of up to 4 hours, split over 2 or 4 learning units) we recommend delivering:

  • Activity 1 as an icebreaker
  • Activity 2 as an introduction to attitudes about tax
  • Activity 3 to learn about the global nature of taxation
  • Choose from either activity 4 or 5 which provide learners with an opportunity to explore power dynamics in negotiating tax.

For short learning units of up to 2 hours (which will facilitate introductory discussions on tax) we recommend:

  • Activity 1 as an icebreaker
  • Activity 2 to explore attitudes about tax
  • Choose one of either activity 2,4 or 5