Testing the training! New FreshUp Economics tools nearly ready

30 Nov 2020

As we mentioned previously, Financial Justice Ireland are currently taking part in "FreshUp Economics: Towards Economic Literacy in Europe," an Erasmus+ adult education project which aims to expand the provision of high quality education on economics for adult learners, with an emphasis on alternatives to the mainstream. 

Adult educators, together with economists from different schools of thoughts, from Austria, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Germany are working together to build an online learning platform which trainers and educators can find tools and activities to facilitate adult learning on economics. 

Last week, we met together as a group to start the process of testing, improving and finalising our first offering of adult education economics toolkits. 

Partners developed new and innovative activities for teaching non-expert adults about; 

  • Money and where it comes from
  • Economic strategies for responding to crises: austerity or investment?
  • The future of Europe: competition and/or cooperation?
  • Sovereign debt in the economy 
  • Climate Change and the economy
  • Empowering women through coaching and entrepreneurial skills 

... and more. While our toolkits will be targetted at face-to-face settings, we also received training about and attempted a number of online educational tools, to help the exchange of information about the different toolkits we had developed. 

There were healthy debates about things like money, trade and economic growth - always a sign of a good and worthwhile project! 

Early in the New Year, you'll be able to read more about the tools we have developed, and start to test them out for yourself in community education settings. 

To read more about our meeting last week, and to stay up to date about the tools, we encourage you to keep a watch on the FreshUp Economics website.



The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union enables adult educators to develop innovative material together, share its didactical competencies, make learning experiences abroad and create European networks. For more info see the website of the National Agency in your country,



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