Consultant Game Designer Wanted

3 Mar 2020

We are hiring a consultant Game Designer to develop an online, interactive game, "The Tax Justice Detective" 

*If the project is of interest, please just send a short email expressing your interest to by March 11th for further details. A formal tender or proposal is needed at this point.*

  1.     Background and rationale 

Financial Justice Ireland has campaigned on tax justice for many years. We believe that harmful tax practices are a justice issue, and through our education work we aim to increase awareness among people in Ireland of the effects that harmful tax practices like avoidance and evasion have on people living in the Global South. 

As part of this educational work we plan to produce an online game, ‘The Tax Justice Detective,’ aimed at adults, with a primary focus on trade union activists, shop stewards and members, which leads users through an interactive detective hunt to ‘find’ missing millions being moved around the world by multinational corporations to avoid taxation.    


  1.     Objectives 

The main objectives of this project are to:   

1) Reach new audiences, particularly members of trade unions, who may not previously have engaged with tax as a justice issue, particularly as it relates to the Global South. 

2) Ensure people who play the game understand some of the techniques used in global corporate tax avoidance, and the challenges in preventing this. 

3) Ensure people who play the game understand that money lost through tax avoidance is money lost to public services, and the impact this has in furthering inequality. 

4) To provide a possible entry-point for learners into further engagement with issues of global financial justice, including debt justice, climate finance and public-private partnerships.  


  1.     Expected Outputs 

The appointed consultant will produce a short, accessible and engaging online game designed to be interactive, mobile optimised, and provide an accessible introduction to tax issues. 

The individual or firm appointment will work with us to develop a storyboard and approach that will enable some key issues to be conveyed in a simple but effective way.  

Conceptual / technical information relating to tax justice will be provided by FJI, and it is not anticipated that they consultant need have expertise in this area (though this would be welcome). 


  1.     Budget

 The total budget for this work is 4,800 euro. 


  1.     Timeline

March 2020: Contract signed 

March 2020: Storyboard and approach agreed, game development begins. 

April 2020: Game completed

May 2020: Launch 


We are open to proposals from potential consultants about what kind of approach could be used to further these objectives.  

If the project is of interest, please just send a short email expressing your interest to by March 11th. A formal tender or proposal is needed at this point.