Where do your MEP candidates stand on Financial Justice?

28 Apr 2014

Where do your MEP candidates stand on Financial Justice?

ON FRIDAY 23rd MAY the elections to the European Parliament will take place in Ireland. Through these elections citizens throughout Europe will have the chance to elect the 751 MEPs who represent their views in the European Parliament. Ireland has 11 seats at the Parliament, and Debt and Development Coalition Ireland believes that, in the context of the recent financial crisis, all candidates should be clear about where they stand on issues of global financial justice.

Here is a checklist of questions to ask your candidates on DEBT and TAX JUSTICE when they come to your door…

Why pose these questions to your MEP candidates?

On DEBT JUSTICE – People all around the world are paying illegitimate debts, some contracted many decades ago and not used for the benefit of citizens, or accrued by bailing out the banks as happened recently in Ireland.  We want debt justice to rid nations around the world of illegitimate debts.

On TAX JUSTICE – We need an international tax system that is transparent and treats all countries equally. Taxes should be paid where profits are made, and not moved by companies to other countries where lower corporate taxes apply. Every year, billions of euro are lost to both European and developing country governments which could instead be used to fund much needed public services

PLEASE ASK your MEP candidate these questions when they call to your door.... or even better send these questions to them and ask for a response.