Global Debt Justice

Afrodad (African Forum and Network on Debt and Development) is a civil society organisation born of a desire to secure lasting solutions to Africa's mounting debt problem which has impacted negatively on the continent's development process.

Debt Justice Action Ireland is co-convened by DDCI. DJA Ireland hosts the Anglo: Not Our Debt campaign.

Eurodad (European Network on Debt and Development) is a network of 47 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from 19 European countries working on issues related to debt, development, finance, and poverty reduction. DDCI is an active member of Eurodad.

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) is a Philippines-based, multi-sectoral, non-sectarian and pluralist coalition conducting policy advocacy work, and campaigns to realize a common framework and agenda for economic development.

Jubilee Debt Campaign UK is DDCI's partner ogranisation in the UK. It is part of a global movement demanding freedom from the slavery of unjust debts and a new financial system that puts people first.

Jubilee South is a long-standing, southern-based campaign calling for the immediate and full cancellation of multilateral debts as part of the total cancellation of debts claimed from the South, without externally imposed conditionalities.

Jubilee USA is an alliance of more than 75 US organizations, 400 faith communities and 50 Jubilee global partners, working for responsible lending and debt relief, tax transparency, and reform of international financial institutions. 

Observatory of Debt in Globalisation Catalunya (ODG) is a research center formed by a multidisciplinary team that aims to generate a structural change in global relations of unequal exchange, predatory practices and dispossession.


International Tax Justice

Action Aid Ireland is a partnership between people in rich and poor countries dedicated to ending poverty and injustice. Action Aid Ireland is a member of DDCI.

Christian Aid Ireland is an organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty, and has worked for many years for tax justice. Christian Aid Ireland is a member of DDCI.

Global Financial Integrity is a non-profit, Washington D.C.-based research and advisory organization, which produces analyses of illicit financial flows, advises developing country governments on effective policy solutions, and promotes pragmatic transparency measures in the international financial system as a means to global development and security.

Financial Transparency Coalition is a global network of more than 150 allied civil society organizations, thirteen governments, and dozens of the world’s foremost experts on illicit financial flows (IFFs). The FTC uses its wide reach and deep expertise to influence global norms and standards for financial transparency, and to close loopholes in the global financial system.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is a global network of 185 investigative journalists in more than 65 countries who collaborate on in-depth investigative stories. Perhaps best known for its reporting on the Panama Papers scandal, the ICIJ broke another extremely important story on corporate tax dodging in 2014, commonly known as 'LuxLeaks'. 

Tax Justice Network is an independent organisation launched in the British Houses of Parliament in March 2003. It is dedicated to high-level research, analysis and advocacy in the field of tax and regulation. It has an excellent monthly podcast on tax issues.


World Bank and IMF interests

Bank Information Centre partners with civil society in developing and transitioning countries to influence the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions (IFIs) to promote social and economic justice and ecological sustainability.

Bretton Woods Project is a UK-based NGO that challenges the World Bank and IMF and promotes alternative approaches. It serves as an information provider, watchdog, networker and advocate, and regularly puts out noteworthy publications. Bretton Woods Project is a parnter organisation to DDCI.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an International Financial Institution, based in Washington D.C. Together with the World Bank, it forms the so-called "Bretton Woods Institutions".

The World Bank is an International Financial Institution, based in Washington D.C. Together with the IMF, it forms the so-called "Bretton Woods Institutions".


Irish Interest

Central Bank of Ireland is Ireland's Central Bank, and its financial regulator. It is a major force in the Irish economic landscape.

National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) is a body created by the Irish government in 2009. It acquires property development loans from the six Irish banks covered by the government's deposit guarantee scheme, in exchange for government bonds. The banks whose debts it deals with are: Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Banks, Anglo Irish Bank, EBS, Irish Life and Permanent, and Irish Nationwide.

National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) is an agency which was set up in 1990. It "provides a range of asset and liability management services to Government. These services include borrowing on behalf of the Government and management of the National Debt, the State Claims Agency, NewERA, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund and the National Development Finance Agency." The NTMA is responsible for selling the government floating-rate treasury bonds which arise from the nationalisation of Anglo Irish Bank's debt. 

Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) is a research organisation which has a vision of the achievement of a better, fairer society. It aims, through the provision of world-class research and analysis, to contribute towards the construction of alternative perspectives and possibilities that will lead to the creation of an economy that works for society. Particularly interesting and useful are their Monday Blogs.


Community Education

Econo...wha? is a free online reading and learning tool for adult learners, designed to support us in questioning why things are the way they are, and exploring what we can do to act for a more just global society. 

Spectacle of Defiance and Hope is "a broad-based Creative Resistance movement founded in 2010 by the Community, Youth & Voluntary Sector". The movement seeks to challenge cuts imposed upon important sectors and strives to draw attention to economic injustice in Ireland.


Development Education

Centre for Global Education is a Belfast-based NGO that raises awareness of important global issues and encourages action towards social change. is an online education resource focused on the unequal and unjust nature of the world today. Engaging with primary and post-primary teachers, youth workers, students, community workers, and anyone with an interest in development, sustainability and human rights, the organisation works to stimulate debate and encourage discussion on the world we wish to live in.

Galway One World Centre (GOWC) aims to empower people through education, direct action, networking, outreach and provision of resources to create a world where all people have equality of rights, opportunities and respect.

Ubuntu Network supports the integration of Development Education into post-primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Ireland.

Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review is a bi-annual, peer reviewed, open access journal published by the Centre for Global Education and funded by Irish Aid. The journal aims to celebrate and promote good practice in development education and to debate the shifting policy context in which it is delivered.


Global Justice

Afri (Action From Ireland) works on issues of global justice and peace, including the reduction of poverty and of global militarisation, as well as responding to the threat of climate change, corporate control of resources and water, and interference with food sovereignty.

Comhlámh (Irish for "solidarity") is an Irish organisation dedicated to social justice, human rights, and global development issues.

Global Justice Now is a London-based democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world.


Also Relevant

Probe International exposes the devastating environmental, social, and economic effects of Canada's aid and trade abroad. In a democracy, there is no greater guarantee of justice than the free flow of information. Probe International names names.

UNCTAD (The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) is a United Nations body responsible for dealing with development issues, and how they relate to international trade – a main driver of development.