Useful Links

Some useful links for teachers and students using How The World Works 2.

Dangerous Delusions

Global Justice Movement have a very useful set of infographics on their website, which questions the basic assumptions upon which our global economic system is based.

Debt Across the Planet

Jubilee Debt Campaign provides an interactive map to help visualise the state of the world's financial system today.

Development Education is an excellent resource for teachers and students who wish to learn more about North-South relations and the structures of global inequality.

Irish Aid

Irish Aid is the Irish Government's dedicated programme for overseas development. The information available on its education page can be used to help contextualise the role of Ireland in relation to the Global South.


The Gapminder World project aims to provide engaging and accessible visualisations of the statistical data that best demonstrate the developmental gap between the world's richest and poorest countries.

Global Dimension

Global Dimension seeks to broaden the horizons of students around the world, and aims to support teachers in raising international awareness in their classrooms. Their website provides comprehensive and detailed resources on a wide array of current affairs issues.