New activities for those engaged in debt education

Activity 1: Analysing Images

In this activity, students are invited to look at a set of images taken from media sources. In groups, they are asked to describe what they can see and know from the photograph, and also what the cannot see and know from the photograph.

Aim: To encourage active and critical engagement with media images and reports, facilitating analytical and creative thinking, and participatory citizenship.

Click here for a slideshow outlining the task.


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Activity 1.B: Challenging Stereotypes

This is an extension activity of 'Analysing Images'.

In this activity, students are asked to discuss what stereotypes are, how they are formed, how they effect people, and how media images can be used to reinforce stereotypes.

Aims: To build students' skills in interpreting images as explored in 'Analysing Images', and to challenge stereotypes and perceptions relating to rich and poor countries.


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Activity 1.C: Tracking the Truth

This is an extension activity of 'Analysing Images'.

In this activity, students are invited to use media reports as the inspiration for investigative team-work, whereby students must research the news story, and discover the 'truth' about it. 

Aims: To provide an opportunity for students to identify and critically discern causes and consequences of actions or events, the differences between these and the ways in which they are linked.


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Activity 2: Bearing Witness to the Past - The Debt Timeline

In this activity, students are given debt timelines which give an overview of when debt crises occurred globally. In groups, students get to pick out a particular date on the timeline, to investigate what happened during this event, and to present (or defend) their cases to the rest of the classroom. 

Aims: To enable students to become knowledgeable in specific aspects of the history of debt, and to equip students with the tools to investigate issues of social justice, curricular topics, and current affairs.


Bearing Witness - Debt timeline

Activity 3: Who was Thomas Sankara?

In this activity, students are invited to watch Thomas Sankara's speech, and to think critically about what he is saying, and why he is saying it.

Aims: To introduce students with former president of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara, and to encourage students to think critically about his political perspective.



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