Education for Social Change

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"In whose interests, and for what values, do we do our work?"

Financial Justice Ireland provides development education programmes to our members and to the public who wish to learn about the issues we work on. 

Development education is defined as:

"A process which seeks to generate changes in values and attitudes both at the individual and collective level, with an eye to a fairer world in which resources and power are fairly shared in a spirit of respect for human dignity." - ACODEV, Belgium

Development education is about challenging ourselves to see the world around us from the perspective of other people. Education is a very important aspect of our work. FJI is the only organisation in Ireland that follows financial justice issues on a full time basis, applying participatory methods in our education practice along with lots of up-to-date education content on where the debates are at on global financial justice.

In this section you can find interesting and relevant resources on global financial justice for Post-Primary teachers and for adult learning and community education settings.