Handwrite a Letter to Minister Noonan for Tax Transparency!

[Please note this action is now finished. Thank you for your support]

The Power of Your Pen!

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As the first action of The People's Purse Campaign: 

Hand-write a Personal Letter to Michael Noonan for Tax Transparency

Demand a Public Register of the Real Owners of all Companies in Ireland

It’s time to dust off your desk, clear off the kitchen table and find that old ball-point pen. Write to Minister for Finance Michael Noonan and demand that he protects the People’s Purse and acts for tax transparency by publishing a public register of the real owners of companies in Ireland.

... a handwritten letter?

Handwritten letters are a personal and expressive way of demonstrating concern about a justice issue. But as a campaign tool they are becoming a dying art, often replaced by ‘clicktivism’. A simple handwritten letter from a constituent is a powerful and meaningful way of communicating with your TD; it makes them sit up and pay attention, and shows them that you expect a personal response from them.

What am I asking Minister Noonan to do?

You are asking the minister to act for tax transparency by establishing a public register of the real owners of companies in Ireland. You are asking him to reply to your letter and to promise to establish

a public register. Send your letter to DDCI’s office and we will send it on to the minister. This is so that we can monitor the amount of letters being sent to the minister, and post them at strategic moments.

Click the image below to download the action.

Publication cover - Noonan Letter for Tax Transparency