Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Cover 2015We are living through a major international debt crisis in Europe and in the Global South. This crisis presents historic challenges and opportunities to campaigners for achieving just solutions to the problem of illegitimate debts and unjust lending-borrowing relationships. This global financial crisis has brought the question of unjust debt to the top of the European political agenda.

DDCI's three year strategic plan 'Educating and Campaigning for International Debt Justice' set out an exciting and challenging agenda with regard to working towards economic justice in Ireland and the Global South, through four main objectives: Members' Leadership; Policy and Advocacy; Development Education; and Public Activism. After a period of review, a new strategic plan will soon be introduced for the next stage of DDCI's advocacy work.

We shall seek to strengthen our organisational capacity by increasing the ownership and leadership of the membership in DDCI's work; we shall continue our policy and advocacy work to build government and parliamentary support for fairer international finance both at home and abroad, through increased debt cancellation for Southern countries including the cancellation of illegitimate debts of the Global South; we shall maintain our high quality development education program to strengthen critical perspectives in Ireland; and we strive to increase support for international debt justice through our public activism work, deepening and expanding the engagement of DDCI's organisational and individual membership with our campaigns, and strengthening our campaigning alliances with other groups.

Our recent organisational evaluation found that DDCI is recognised as the leading international debt justice campaigning organisation in Ireland. Our policy and advocacy work is trusted and viewed as progressive and highly credible. In this regard, we are seen as contributing a significant voice to the development sector in Ireland. Our development education training and education resources are viewed as being of very high quality. DDCI is viewed as a creative and hard-hitting campaigning organisation. Underpinning these findings is a high level of awareness and strong involvement of our members in our work.