What We Do

FJI has been actively campaigning for global financial justice since l993.

Illegitimate debt

What we do:


  • Raising awareness of global financial justice issues through vibrant, relevant, visible, mobilising and inclusive campaigning work.
  • Working in solidarity with the global justice movement.
  • Engaging in public activism and strengthening our campaigning alliance with other groups.


  • Delivering high-quality critical development education across Ireland about global financial injustice - in the adult informal, formal post-primary and further education sectors.
  • Strengthening critical perspectives in Ireland on debt and tax justice by producing up-to-date, topical educational materials using sound pedagogical methodologies.
  • Providing open learning spaces on financial justice issues through development education.

Produce analysis: 

  • Publishing credible, evidence-based research to underpin our advocacy work.
  • Making research accessible and easy to understand by the general public.
  • Carrying out ongoing research on debt and tax injustice, its implications, and viable solutions.


  • Lobbying the Irish government, the EU and OECD to act for debt and tax justice, on an ongoing basis.
  • Pressing the World Bank, IMF and G20 for radical change in their policies.
  • Advocating for government commitment to international debt and tax justice toward countries of the global South in collaboration with the global debt and tax justice movements.

Publicly Engage:

  • Regularly running public seminars, events and conferences which are topical, educational and relevant.
  • Organising street demonstrations and working with the media to raise awareness for global financial justice.
  • Delivering our materials and research in a way that is accessible and straightforward; striving to make complicated policy documents and 'jargon-speak' understandable.
  • Maintaining coherent links between our education, campaigning and policy work in order to contribute to a genuine social change for the betterment of all.